Erectile Dysfunction Explained


A Little Understanding Of What Erectile Dysfunction Is

When a man is unable to maintain a firm erection to achieve sexual penetration or have it interfere with the non-penetrative sexual activities, then he could be considered to have erectile dysfunction.

At least once in a man’s life, he will experience some difficult with his penis staying firm or even becoming hard. However, this is not an immediate diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. The condition will only be considered as of great concern if it has been impossible for him to execute adequate sexual performance on some occasions; this should also be over a period.

There two forms of erectile dysfunction that could affect a man’s sexual life. The top main reasons that could contribute to this condition could be either psycho-social or medical.

When we speak of psycho-social we are referring to the psychological effects, this includes the effects that might arise from social relationships on the sexual performance of the man. Additionally, medical conditions could also contribute to the impact of the man’s psychological well-being. What this simply means, the causes of a man’s sexual impotence is either psychological or medical and at times there could be an overlap of these two factors.

Most people know erectile dysfunction as importance, this is way before the causes of the condition become better understood and treatments developed such as Extenze. The term importance is still in use by most, although seen as a negative term, however, let us identify some of the cause of this particular condition.

Some of the cause of erectile dysfunction

Before we get to the causes of erectile dysfunction, we should get an understanding of how a man gets an erection and how Extenze male enhancement can really help..

When a man is experiencing some level of relaxation of muscles, this is in some parts of the penis and the walls of the arteries, it allows blood to rush quickly into the cylinder spongy tissue. The cylinder is found in the erecting chambers. As a result, it increases the amount of pressure on the tissues in this area, in turn causing him to erect.

The valves in the penis prevent any blood from flowing back out of the veins if this does not happen it can cause venous loss of pressure. The resulting hardness of the penis will persist until the stimulation stops or he ejaculates.

The blood flow process that is taking place in the penis is led by hormonal triggers and nervous. They are immediately activated with a simple touch or any other stimulation to his brain. The signals that are developed can easily be suppressed by his anxiety.

A man’s erectile function is easily affected by problems that interfere with the following physiological contributions that help in getting him erect.

  • – It could be the level of nervous supply
  • – His hormones
  • – Or even his blood flow

Many causes of erectile dysfunction are Neurological

Some medical causes of erectile dysfunction are neurological; as they can affect his nerve signals or vascular causes that interfere with the blood flow. It is often due to some underlying disease processes of diabetics and atherosclerosis.

Another contributing factor to the condition is diabetes and smoking as they cause atherosclerosis. They also cause the clogging and narrowing of the arteries around the penis. It is a common vascular cause for his erectile dysfunction.

Diabetes leads to Neuropathy, which is the damage to his nerves. It is a very common cause of erectile dysfunction as the nerve damage results from different types of surgeries performed around the penis.

A less common neurological cause is a stroke, some types of epilepsy, spinal cord injury or non-diabetic Neurotherapy.

Let us also not forget the treatments offered for prostate cancer could also cause the condition of erectile dysfunction making you wonder does Extenze work, but cancer itself is not the problem. So, what does Extenze do?

The surgery performed to remove the prostate cancer is also another cause of the dysfunction, not leaving out the radiation therapy performed.

The reason being, it is due to the trauma posed by the delicate blood vessels and nerves that are needed for an erection. For most men, the ability of him getting erect comes after a few months of his treatment. The reason being, the blood vessels and nerves start to heal, also Extenze pills could help.

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