This ExtenZe site takes some time to describe the various chemicals that are in its product and their supposed medicinal application. Let us remember that the ExtenZe creators have stated that with their product, “.. there are no negative side effects”. Let us address two chemicals, “Pregnenolone and DHEA. Pregnenolone has no evidence of efficacy in treating ED. Pregnenolone is a chemical in the body that is used to make all steroid hormones. Cholesterol is converted to Pregnenolone and Pregnenolone can be converted in turn into DHEA (Walter, 2002). There are no clinical studies, that I have been able to find, that substantiate the idea that Pregnenolone alone has anything to do with staying erect. I’d argue that this is simply another attempt at jumping on the supplement bandwagon as Pregnenolone is very popular among bodybuilders. There is some evidence that the use of DHEA in patients who are found to have a low level of this hormone in the blood had some beneficial effects on erectile dysfunction; however, due to long-term concerns about safety, most experts do not recommend its use

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